Why buy a new home

Your new home…designed with you in mind

There are many benefits in buying a new home.

Firstly, if you reserve early on in the building process, you can personalise your new home to your specific requirements and tastes and if you are one of the first to buy on a specific development you can have the pick of the new homes being built. You’ll also be able to take your pick from our wide selection of carpets, tiles, fittings and furnishings.

Your new home will feel like your own from the moment you move in!

A quality new Pure home

At Pure Residential we design all of our new homes with modern living in mind.

From large kitchens to open plan space, luxurious bathrooms to generous storage areas, we look to maximise the use of all available space to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of a modern new home to the full.

Saving money … and the environment

At Pure Residential we pay a great deal of attention to eco features.

New homes are generally much more eco-friendly and can be up to 400% more energy efficient than older properties. Your new home will enjoy the benefit of the latest energy saving devices including insulation. This often results in smaller carbon footprint and smaller bills too.

Safe and Secure in your new Pure home

New homes are often much safer than older properties, thanks to features such as secured double glazed windows, fire resistant materials, circuit breakers and smoke alarms.

This often results in lower insurance premiums, as well as helping you to sleep safer at night.

Peace of mind after you move in

At Pure Residential, our commitment to you continues for two years after you have purchased your property and we will provide you with details of who to speak to if you have any issues.